Officers give seized alcohol to hospice in Rochdale

Image caption, The drinks trolley makes a "difference" to the patients' day

Alcohol seized from young people in Greater Manchester is being donated to a hospice so the patients can enjoy a little tipple with their dinner.

Police in Rochdale have taken 150 bottles and cans - including two litres of vodka - from under-age drinkers and given them to Springhill Hospice.

Wine is put on the drinks trolley but alcopops tend to be left for raffles.

Julie Halliwell, hospice deputy chief executive, said: "It brings a sense of normality to the patients' lives."

Officers have carried out a number of anti-social behaviour operations, using handheld cameras and mobile video units.

They have focused on areas plagued by gangs and drink such as Milkstone and Deeplish, Kirkholt, Castleton and Kingsway.

'Beer in the sun'

Any youths found hanging around are stopped and accounted for and offered leaflets providing a list of activities they can take part in across the area.

The alcohol is then used to give those in the last few weeks and months of their life some comfort.

Ms Halliwell added: "The drinks trolley is nicely full at the moment and it makes such a difference to their day.

"The women often like a little bit of vodka or a glass of wine and the men enjoy a can of beer in the sun.

"They're not too keen on bottles of blue WKD, but we put them up for the raffle so we can raise some money for the hospice."

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