Two men are jailed for attack on boyfriend

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Mr Cabourn has been left with permanent health problems

Two men from Mansfield have been jailed for attacking the former boyfriend of one of the pair's daughters.

The attack on 4 May 2009 left Brett Cabourn, 30, of South Normanton in a coma for three weeks with brain damage.

Stephen Tomlinson, 55, of Grove Road, and Anthony Newbold, 47, of Milton Street, were jailed for six years for wounding causing grievous harm.

Nottingham Crown Court heard the men stamped on Cabourn's head. He was the ex-boyfriend of Tomlinson's daughter.

'Good hiding'

Police officers found Mr Cabourn slumped face down in the hallway of his flat with blood seeping from his head.

Nottingham Crown Court heard the two men carried out the attack after Tomlinson's daughter, Lorraine, fell out with Mr Cabourn.

The couple, who both "used and abused" drugs, had a volatile relationship, the court heard.

After falling out, Ms Tomlinson took an overdose of drugs and ended up in hospital.

On 4 May, 2009, Tomlinson and Newbold, the boyfriend of one of Lorraine Tomlinson's sisters, got drunk and went to Mr Cabourn's flat "to give him a good hiding".

They burst through the door of the flat in South Normanton and punched Mr Cabourn to the floor.

Tomlinson then kicked him in the back and shoulders, and Newbold stamped on his head and kicked him.

Judge Andrew Hamilton said both the attackers were of previous good character, but added: "Quite clearly, to stamp on someone's head while they are lying on the ground is the most serious of offences.

"To make matters worse, you left him lying there unconscious."

He added: "This is a horrendous crime - horrendous because of the consequences to Mr Cabourn and to his parents who will now have to devote their lives 24/7 to looking after him.

"He is lucky he has two such devoted parents."

The two Mansfield men pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Mr Cabourn is unable to walk unaided and uses crutches to move around the house. He also shakes as a result of the brain damage caused by the beating.

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