Fiancee tried to warn Derrick Bird victim by phone

Image caption, Jamie Clark had moved to Cumbria to be with his fiancee

The fiancee of the youngest victim of gunman Derrick Bird has said she tried to phone and warn him of the shootings.

Jamie Clark, 23, was one of 12 people who were shot dead in Cumbria on 2 June.

The estate agent, who had moved to Carlisle from Northall, near Leighton Buzzard, was driving back from a viewing when he was shot.

Speaking ahead of his funeral in Luton, Leanne Jarman said she tried to call but the phone signal was "atrocious".

She was bundled into a cafe in Egremont by a police officer just half an hour before Mr Clark was shot dead.

She heard the shot that killed Susan Hughes, 57, and was trying to call Mr Clark when 71-year-old Kenneth Fishburn was shot.

"I knew where Jamie was and tried to phone him, but the signal was atrocious. Everyone was trying to phone and nobody could get through," she said.

"I thought he would be okay. We didn't know Bird was heading that way," she said.

Mr Clark had moved to Cumbria to be with 21-year-old Miss Jarman.

He was the final victim of the shootings and was killed in the village of Seascale, where cyclist Michael Pike, 64, and 66-year-old Jane Robinson were also shot dead.

Bird also wounded 11 people as he drove across a 45-mile area from Whitehaven to Boot, before killing himself.

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