London fox attack: Second baby twin leaves hospital

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A fox was photographed by a Met officer at the house on Saturday

The parents of nine-month-old twins said it was "incredible to have our beautiful girls back home" after the second girl was released from hospital.

Isabella Koupparis and her twin Lola were sleeping in their cots at their home in Hackney when they were mauled on 5 June.

Isabella left hospital on Thursday after treatment for arm injuries.

Lola, who suffered injuries to her face and arm, was released from the Royal London Hospital six days ago.

Their parents Nick and Pauline said: "As Isabella has just arrived home, we want to spend this wonderful day celebrating as a family.

"It is incredible to have our beautiful girls back home at last."

The parents had been at home and watching television when the fox crept through an open door on the ground floor and climbed upstairs to the girls' room.

The twins' mother Pauline Koupparis told BBC London 94.9 at the time that she went to check on them on after hearing a "funny cry".

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The twins were sleeping in a room upstairs

She described the "living nightmare" when she switched on the lights to see the girls covered in blood and the fox still there.

She said: "It's something I would never expect to happen to anybody, let alone happen to my beautiful girls."

Their four-year-old brother, Max, who was also sleeping upstairs, was not hurt.

A fox was photographed by a police officer at the property just after the attack on twins.

He spotted the fox through a patio door at the home and took a photo using his mobile telephone.

It is not certain whether the officer's photograph is of the fox which mauled the twins.

Following the attack, London Mayor Boris Johnson called on all councils to "focus on their duties" regarding pest control.

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