Jersey's senator-elect 'to work quietly'

Image caption, Mr Le Gresley has been manager of the Citizens' Advice Bureau

Jersey's senator-elect, Francis Le Gresley, has said he'll work "quietly to achieve things for the public" in his new role.

Mr Le Gresley, 59, won the vote in all but one of the island's 12 parishes in a by-election on Wednesday.

The by-election was called after the automatic removal of the former senator who had been absent for six months.

Mr Le Gresley will be sworn in as senator in a Royal Court ceremony on Friday.

He has spent the past 18 years managing Jersey's Citizen's Advice Bureau.

'Thumping the table'

He told BBC Jersey: "I think people will respect me, I'm not a young man and people know that my style is very much about conciliation, and working with people.

"I have support, I know I have support, on all sides of the house, and I will use that to the best advantage.

"I won't be thumping the table and making great demands but I will work in my usual quiet way and try and achieve things for the public.

"I am not there to serve anyone but the public of Jersey."

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