Crews tackle large fire at solvents factory in Harworth


Up to 80 firefighters have been tackling a severe fire at a solvents factory near the Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire border.

Emergency services were called to Solvents for Safety on the Plumtree Industrial Estate, in Harworth, at about 1845 BST on Wednesday.

Fire crews fought the blaze throughout the night.

Eyewitnesses reported exploding containers and columns of thick smoke but there are no reports of injuries.

Defensive role

Some houses were evacuated and other residents had to keep windows closed, although all those people who left their homes have since been allowed to return.

Station manager Craig Holmes said the chemicals involved made the situation more difficult.

"After consulting with hazardous materials officers we decided the best course of action would be to adopt a defensive role.

"That is not applying water on to the fire for the simple reason of the environmental impact from the water run-off would have been more damaging than the fire itself."

A meeting has been held to assess the wider environmental impact.

An investigation into the cause of the fire will begin as soon as the final hotspots have been dealt with and the building's structure has been inspected.

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