Fox hunt kennels plan for Chewton Mendip opposed

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Mendip Farmers' Hunt has been in its current home for 90 years

Some people in a Somerset village have said they will fights plans by a hunt to build kennels in the village.

Mendip Farmers' Hunt needs to move from its home in Priddy and members say they will not be able to continue without the new facilities.

But some Chewton Mendip residents are concerned the kennels would mean noise, smell and an increase in traffic.

A decision on the plans will not be made by Mendip District Council planners until July at the earliest.

Resident Louis Agabarni said the plans had divided the village.

He said: "I think, whatever the result of the application, there isn't going to be a winner.

'Broken ties'

"Mendip Farmers' Hunt has made a lot of enemies, I think they've lost a lot of support.

"The residents of Chewton Mendip unfortunately have also broken ties with some friends and families."

The hunt has been a tenant at its current home for 90 years, but the property is now being sold.

Alistair Martin, the hunt's chairman, said: "There has been talk about whether the hunt is able to continue if we don't succeed where we are trying now.

"We've got to leave our present site in just three weeks and we are desperately trying to organise some temporary measures at the moment.

"We will continue to look, but if we fail at this site at Chewton Mendip we are going to be in real difficulty."

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