Ban on helicopter arrival at primary school prom

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The parent wanted to land a private helicopter in the school grounds

A parent has been banned from sending an 11-year-old child to their end-of-year primary school prom in a helicopter.

East Renfrewshire Council confirmed it had received an inquiry about landing a helicopter in the grounds of Mearns Primary in Newton Mearns.

But it rejected the request on health and safety grounds.

The local authority said the idea was dismissed because it had no educational benefits.

It is understood the parent wanted their child to make a big entrance at the end-of-term party.

It comes as part of a growing trend for more outlandish gestures at school-leavers' dances.

Children often arrive at their proms in stretched-limos and other flashy cars.

George Barbour, a spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council, said: "A parent approached us looking to land a helicopter in the school grounds.

"But we refused that request because the school would have had to spend time cordoning off areas to keep the children safe.

"Their time is better spent teaching the children."

He added: "We have had parents wanting to drop their children off in limos and even a Ferrari, all sorts of vehicles.

"Generally we would try to accommodate as much as we can, recognising that this is a big important event in the children's and the parents' lives.

"The helicopter request was maybe just a wee bit over the top."

A spokeswoman for the charity One Parent Families Scotland said the cost of end-of-term parties could put pressure on parents.

She added: "Schools need to be sensitive to the financial circumstances of all parents.

"It's about having inclusive policies and the mechanisms for helping those who are in limited incomes so their children don't miss out.

"Children, being children, want to be part of the group."

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