Former Housewife Sheridan amends assault complaint

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The former Desperate Housewives star filed her original complaint in April

Ex-Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan has reportedly amended a legal complaint in which she accuses the show's creator and producer of assault.

The fresh allegations follow an initial legal action in April in which she said Marc Cherry had hit her in the face.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the amended action alleges the ABC network told her she had only suffered "a light tap on the side of the head."

The actress claims her character was killed off as a result of the incident.

Sheridan, 46, is said to be seeking $20m (£13.5m) in damages, claiming wrongful termination, assault and battery and discrimination.

In the amended complaint, Sheridan claims ABC investigated the September 2008 incident and concluded Cherry had given her a light tap "for the sole purpose of providing direction for a scene they were rehearsing."

The legal action says ABC decided to take no further action, informing Sheridan that December "we will finish off the season in the spirit of professionalism and courtesy that has been the normal course for Desperate Housewives."

Two months later, her complaint continues, Sheridan was informed in February 2009 her employment was being terminated and that her character, Edie Britt, would be killed off.

ABC has made no comment on the amended complaint, filed on 20 May in Los Angeles Superior Court.

British-born Sheridan was part of the original cast when Desperate Housewives began in 2004.

Before becoming a resident on Wisteria Lane, the actress was best known for her appearances in US soap opera Knots Landing.

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