The adventures of the accidental champions

Image caption, The boys go camel racing in Oman

They have sumo-wrestled in Japan, raced camels in Oman and played elephant polo in India.

Extreme and unusual sporting contests have been the focal points of the round-the-world odyssey of Graham Little and friend Colin Carroll, a journey which will be documented in a news series on BBC One on Wednesday.

Ahead of the programme, Colin described the occasionally sublime, often ridiculous, spectacles viewers can expect.

It began with a meeting in a youth hostel in Croatia and a madcap idea.

When Colin and Graham chanced upon each other in Zagreb in 2004, they began travelling to far-flung places across Europe.

Not content with the adrenaline rush of seeing new places, the pair decided that they would get an extra buzz by posing as stars in some of the most obscure sports on the planet.

Colin describes many ups and downs along the way.

"The pinnacle of our sporting careers came in 2005 when we became amateur Elephant Polo World Champions in the jungle of Nepal," he said.

"As it became a habit, the end of one trip became the impromptu beginning of the next and months later, Graham and I were on our way to the Sumo World Championships in Japan, where filming for this series began."

However, if Colin was expecting an easy ride in the land of the rising sun, he was in for a surprise.

Image caption, Graham and Colin go jeep-racing in Iceland

"I was drawn to fight the reigning world champion. If it was a non-contact sport like tiddlywinks, I might not have been too put out, but having once broken my back, I was les than enamoured about repeating that feat.

"Facing a Goliath in the ring, it suddenly dawned on me that I had upped the ante too far, it was a bluff gone wrong. Being tossed out of the dohyo at break-neck speed will go down as a low-point in my sporting career.

"I felt like sports fodder. I almost quit my ambition of trying to become a World Champion again."

However, the glory of Nepal still burned in the breast and the series tells a tale of camaraderie and lasting friendships in the midst of fun and occasional bittersweet ineptitude.

Colin and Graham's Excellent Adventures begins on BBC One Northern Ireland on Wednesday 16 June at 2245 BST.