Passengers still stuck on Jersey to Portsmouth ferry

Image caption, Commodore Clipper's services have been cancelled for the rest of the day

A ferry firm is still trying to release 62 passengers who are stuck on board a ferry in Portsmouth after a fire broke out en-route from Jersey.

Fire spread from the lower vehicle deck of the freight and passenger Commodore Clipper from 0300 BST Wednesday.

All passengers and the 39 crew have been stuck on board since the ferry docked at about 1100 BST.

Condor Ferries said passengers would normally disembark on a minibus but the vehicle deck is still being cleared.

Capt Fran Collins said "At present, both Condor Ferries and Hampshire fire service agree that it is not yet safe to disembark.

"[The ship] is not using her regular berth at Portsmouth port and is not designed to use the passenger scissor lift to embark or disembark passengers from the ship.

"The vehicle decks are still being cleared of smoke, adding to the soot of the fire and the water used to drench it."

Freight trailers are being removed from the vehicle decks but the operation has been hampered by the conditions.

The ferry firm said the fire drenchers were activated but the blaze flared up again before being contained.

All services on Commodore Clipper have been cancelled, but an additional high speed service has been scheduled between Portsmouth and the Channel Islands to enable passengers due to travel later to complete their journeys.

Anyone due to travel on Commodore Clipper has been advised to contact Condor Ferries Central reservations team.

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