Glyn Woolley, Coombe Castle International

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Coombe Castle is a British company which exports cheese and dairy products to more than 43 countries.

Before founding the company in 1980, Glyn Woolley worked for the multi-national dairy firm Cow and Gate.

Key Advice

It can be difficult for someone from a corporate environment to start up in business: you have to have the right mental attitude to cope.

"A military parallel is that in the army you can call on an air strike, artillery, and comrades in your unit. However on your own you are a guerrilla with no support. In a company you can call on accounting, production, legal, marketing and your boss. On your own you have to deal with all those things yourself.

"The advantage of the guerrilla is the ability to run rings around the opposition, make instant decisions and strike where and when you want."

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