Lion's mane and blue jellyfish spotted off Cornwall

Image caption, The jellyfish are normally found in much colder waters

Large numbers of jellyfish have been spotted off the coast of west Cornwall.

The lion's mane and blue jellyfish, which are usually found further north, are thought to have been attracted by plankton blooms.

The lion's mane, which is among the largest and most common jellyfish, can deliver a painful sting. The sting of the blue jellyfish is usually mild.

Swimmers should avoid the tentacles and beach-goers have been advised not to touch any jellyfish which wash ashore.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust said it was unusual to find jellyfish in such large swarms as they are not active swimmers and have to rely on ocean currents.

The jellyfish have been seen at Gwithian, Sennen, Coverack and Kynance Cove.

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