Jail warning for Devon football fan after curfew breach

Image caption, Four weeks of football may be "too tempting" magistrates were told

A football fan has been warned he will go to prison if he watches England's next game in a pub.

Mark Townsend, 19, of Ashburton, Devon, broke a 1900 to 0700 BST curfew on Saturday to watch England's 1-1 draw against the US with friends in a pub.

He is on an electronic tag and was arrested after ignoring the bail condition.

Torbay magistrates told the youth, who admitted breaking the curfew: "Watch the football at home or go to prison."

The sales assistant is on an electronic tag because he is awaiting trial at Exeter Crown Court accused of arson.

'Last chance'

His bail conditions also ban him from drinking.

Mr Mark Haddow, prosecuting, said officers were alerted by the tagging equipment.

"He went to the pub to watch England's first game and drank some alcohol when he is not permitted to do so," Mr Haddow said.

"He failed at the first hurdle of England's World Cup. With four weeks of World Cup to go it may be too tempting for him."

Mr Simon Colman, defending, said his client was contrite and felt "foolish" about about his actions.

Magistrates said the offences faced by Mr Townsend were serious and his actions had been "very stupid".

"It was borderline and we could easily have sent you to prison," they told him.

"We will give you one last chance. If you breach your order again you will be remanded in custody."

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