Plea over 20-year mystery of missing Trevaline Evans


The brother of a Denbighshire woman who vanished 20 years ago has called for police to re-investigate the case.

Antique shop owner Trevaline Evans disappeared from Llangollen on 16 June 1990, after leaving a note saying she would be back in two minutes.

Her brother Len Davies believes new policing techniques might help solve the disappearance.

North Wales Police said the case had never been closed.

Grandmother Ms Evans was 52 when she disappeared after leaving the note on her shop door.

Her handbag was left inside and her car remained parked just 200 yards away.

Police speculated that she might have been abducted or murdered, but her disappearance remains a mystery.

A major investigation saw more than 330 statements taken, 1,500 names checked and 685 cars logged and eliminated.

In January 2001, the missing person case was reopened in the hope new technology and techniques could find fresh evidence.

Later that year, Ms Evans' husband, Richard Evans, then 72, was arrested and questioned but released without charge.

He declined to comment on the 20th anniversary of her disappearance.

But her brother Len Davies, of Froncysyllte, said: "I understand at the time the police had done all they could but I still think they should get involved again."

As in 2001, Mr Davies believes technological advances in the last 10 years might help solve the case.

Remembering his sister 20 years after she disappeared, he added: "I cannot say you ever come to terms with it, you accept it.

"People you speak to have different ideas about what happened with her.

"Some say she might have just gone off, but I don't believe that at all.

"I have no idea what happened but my opinion is that she has been abducted."

Superintendent Steve Gould, of North Wales Police, said: "Investigations such as these are never closed.

"Unless we establish what exactly has occurred and obtained sufficient evidence against individuals to mount a prosecution, we would ask anyone with information which may assist the investigation to contact North Wales Police."

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