Antisocial teenagers in Swindon targeted by police


Teenagers in Swindon are being targeted by police after complaints from residents about antisocial behaviour.

Police said they know the troublemakers in the Eldene and Liden areas but that it was difficult to solve as the young people know the law very well.

Pc Rachel Barnett said: "These kids know where the line is, where they step over and get nicked. If they keep under the line, there's not a lot we can do."

Police have written to parents with children at the local secondary school.

'Intimidating people'

One resident who did not want to give his name told BBC Wiltshire that he found the teenagers a problem.

He said: "We need to get rid of the yobs outside the shopping precinct. Every night of the week they are a pest - intimidating people.

"The fish shop has lost trade. They intimidate the elderly coming in for their fish suppers and they try to snatch chips from the young kids.

"They come up here with their dogs... baiting one another."

Pc Rachel Barnett, beat manager for Wiltshire Police, said: "Unfortunately it's been an ongoing issue that has plagued us and the law-abiding citizens of Eldene and Liden.

"We've got about 1,200 letters due to be sent out from Dorcan school to every single parent asking them to please control their children.

"I'm a parent and I know where my children are. I wonder if some of these parents don't know or don't care where their children are or what they are up to.

"We can't just arrest willy-nilly so any slight hanging around or any minor anti-social behaviour - we have to collate evidence.

"We've got the public disorder act but that has to be serious breach of the peace."

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