Bid to make maths in East Sussex schools 'less boring'

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A report suggested giving more support and training to teachers

A council trying to raise maths standards in primary schools has set out to make maths "less scary and more a part of everyday life".

East Sussex County Council said maths standards in the county's schools were below the national average.

A report has suggested giving teachers more support and training to increase their knowledge and give them confidence in teaching maths.

Schools with high maths standards will also be asked to share best practice.

Councillor Michael Ensor said said: "We want to make maths less scary and more a part of everyday life which they [children] can talk about with their parents or carers.

"We need to introduce maths to children as something they can enjoy and have fun with and not as something intimidating or boring."

He said a review found maths standards varied significantly across the county. More research is being done and a full report will be made to the next scrutiny committee in the autumn.

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