Portsmouth Harbour 'ship jumper' found near motorway

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Two people were seen jumping into the water in Portsmouth Harbour

A man who is believed to have jumped off a cargo ship in Portsmouth has been found near a motorway.

Coastguards said two men from the Dominican Republic who were thought to have stowed away in the Caribbean jumped overboard on Monday.

One man was rescued from the water in the evening but the second sparked a major search by coastguards and police.

Hampshire police said a man was found near the M275 at 0500 BST on Tuesday and was taken to a police station.

Refused entry

Both men are now believed to be detained by the UK Border Agency.

The men, aged 37 and 38, jumped from the refrigerated cargo vessel, Timor Stream, operated by Geest, which was in Portsmouth freight port.

It is understood the stowaways were discovered a few days after the ship left the Port of Manzanillo and were reported to the authorities.

The UK Border Agency denied them entry into the country so the pair were detained in a cabin so they could be returned to the Dominican Republic.

However, the BBC has learned that the men escaped when a crew member opened the cabin to give them a meal on Monday evening.

The Timor Stream is expected to set sail on Tuesday night.

A Border Agency spokeswoman said: "Two nationals from the Dominican Republic were refused entry to the UK after they were discovered stowed away on a ship and without appropriate documentation."

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