'No compensation' after Florida car crash

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Wayne Maycock lost a leg in the accident last October

Holidaymakers who were injured in a crash in Florida have been told they are unlikely to receive compensation.

Six friends from Wirral were on holiday near Daytona beach when a car collided with their hired mini-van last October.

Malcolm Allanson, 59, was killed in the crash. Wayne Maycock, 50, lost a leg in the accident.

The victims' lawyer says the insurance they and the other driver had means they are unlikely to be able to claim for their injuries.

Mr Maycock, from New Brighton, said the accident has affected all aspects of his life.

He said: "It has changed every single thing.

"Everything, from having a shave in the morning to driving the car, has changed completely."

The group say they did not know that the basic insurance they took out when they hired their vehicle only covered property damage, and did not cover themselves in the event they were injured in an accident.

Top-up insurance

They say the rules in Florida also mean the driver of the other vehicle did not have to have insurance which covered him if they were injured.

They believe the rules mean they will not be able to claim compensation for their injuries, to help pay for specialist equipment they may need in the future.

Their holiday insurance has been used to pay for medical bills and getting back to the UK, they said.

Their solicitor, Paul Rooney, urged people to take care when taking out hire-car insurance.

He said: "If you are going on holiday to Florida you must make sure you take out top-up insurance otherwise, due to no circumstances of your own, you could find yourself considerably out of pocket."

The man who allegedly drove the other vehicle is awaiting trial for manslaughter.

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