Bloody Sunday report to bring thousands to city streets

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The Bloody Sunday report will be published on Tuesday

Preparations are under way in Londonderry for the publication of the Saville Report on Bloody Sunday.

The findings of the inquiry into the killing of 13 people in Derry on 30 January 1972 are due to be published on Tuesday.

Some relatives of the victims will get to see it before its publication.

Conal McFeeley of the Bloody Sunday Trust said he expected thousands of people to gather in the city to show support for the families.

"This obviously is an occasion that the vast majority of the people of the city will actually show out on and we would expect to see thousands of people in Guildhall Square tomorrow to show solidarity and support for the families," he said.

Mr McFeely said a stage will be erected to hold up to 150 relatives of both the dead and wounded from the day.