Essex man arrested by police during siege


Police who sealed off a property in Essex after a man barricaded himself inside have made an arrest.

Officers were called to Lancaster Way in Braintree at 1010 BST to find a man had shut himself in a flat in what was believed to be a domestic dispute.

Armed police entered the property at 1430 BST and shortly afterwards a 45-year-old Braintree man was arrested on suspicion of threats to kill.

No-one was hurt and there were no other occupants in the flat, police said.

A Samurai sword was found in the flat, a police spokesman said.

Pupils at a nearby junior school were told not to leave the premises.

Supt Steve Robinson said: "Roads around the scene were closed and special emergency measures were put into action with a local school to provide a safe access route for parents collecting their children."

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