Internet 'changing role of teachers'

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Teachers are no longer the only source of knowledge says Prof Rennie

The rise of online technology in learning has changed the role of teachers "radically", a professor has said.

Frank Rennie, of the prospective University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), said teachers were no longer students' main source of knowledge.

He will give a public lecture next week entitled: Why bother with teachers? The future of education online.

Prof Rennie is a lecturer in sustainable rural development at UHI.

Ahead of his lecture at Lews Castle College on Lewis, he said: "The classroom walls are no longer the boundaries for resources and the teacher is no longer the main source of knowledge.

"I will look at some of the current educational opportunities for online scholarship, and some recent trends in the use of digital technology to improve education and research, as well as speculate on some possibilities for the near future."

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