Sunday papers mull England keeper's World Cup blunder

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Sunday papers

England goalkeeper Robert Green is shown in various agonising poses on almost all the front pages.

He can be seen trying to save, then stretching, then slumping to the ground after an equaliser by the USA in the World Cup on Saturday.

The Sunday Mirror calls it "one of the all time blunder goals", and other papers use many bruising descriptions.

The Mirror, the News of the World and the Independent on Sunday put Green's mistake down to "the hand of clod".

Top brass changes

Defence Secretary Liam Fox confirms in an interview that Sir Jock, along with the department's top civil servant, Sir Bill Jeffrey, will quit in the autumn.

It is a clean sweep at the top, which the paper says is intended to improve performance on the Afghan front line.

The Sunday Times also suggests uniformed personnel could be cut to save money.

Forced to quit?

Also resigning is an official from the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority - the new expenses watchdog.

Nigel Gooding tells the Mail on Sunday he is leaving for "the sake of his health and his sanity".

The paper's front page headline says Mr Gooding was "forced to quit" by MPs who are worse off under the new regime.

But inside, he denies having been hounded out by bullying MPs. "I have decided to take a break that I desperately need," he says.

Booze bills

It reports that next week's Budget will include increases in the tax on beer, wine and spirits.

The News of the World warns up to £1 could be put on a bottle of gin. Both papers say there could be a repeat of the 5% rise of Labour's last budget.

But the News of the World warns the chancellor that if he increases tax too much, he will cut the amount of money going to the Treasury.

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