Red carpet for young Llandwrog filmmakers


Screaming fans met a stretch-limo with some prizewinning filmmakers at a red carpet event at a Gwynedd village pub.

The limo brought two young filmmakers to a special showing of Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw (The Vegas Showdown) at the Tyn Llan in Llandwrog.

Gruff Ellis, 15, and Guto Siôn Jones, 14, shot the humorous film, based on gangsters swapping football cards, with Gruff's family as cast.

The production won the top prize for a short DVD at the Urdd Eisteddfod.

After battling through a throng of excited school children crowding the red-carpet, a fanfare was played by Sion Gwyn on his trumpet.

Gruff said the idea for the film came after he watched his brother and cousin swapping football cards.

"I just thought it would be interesting to place it in a completely different context and decided on a gangsters theme in the 1920s," said the Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen pupil.

Although the actual filming took just one afternoon, during the Christmas holiday, the real work was in the editing.

"I really enjoyed that part, and we've realised just how much work goes into something like this," said Guto.

Both agreed that it had been a "fantastic" experience and the pair are already planning another short film.

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The crew and cast were mobbed as they went in

The Vegas Showdown has also had subtitles added so it can be entered into the Co-operative Film Festival.

The Co-op event gives youngsters the chance to experience the thrill of having their work showed on the big screen at the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Technical expertise for the Vegas Showdown came from film-maker Wil Aaron, who has been running a video group for youngsters in the nearby village of Penygroes.

"They borrowed the equipment from us, but they put the film idea together by themselves, and did the filming, and they've done a great job," he said.

"It's fantastic too that we managed to get not just the red carpet from carpet fitter Meic Cook, but also a stretch limo (from Robin Sefton Jones) from within the village," he said.

"I'm sure if we'd needed a flying saucer someone in Llandwrog would have one," he added.

Medals, for winning the Urdd competition, were presented to the pair by Plaid Cymru honorary president Dafydd Wigley.

He told them the village had a "can-do" history with a record company and television companies set up by local people.

"I think it's great that youngsters like these get an idea and run with it," he said.

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