World Cup flags on Belfast street

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Flags from the 32 countries fly outside homes on the street

Residents of a street in west Belfast have got into the spirit of the World Cup by putting up flags of every country taking part in South Africa.

Iris Mews, off the Springfield Road, has been transformed into a mini-UN with 32 international flags flying from houses along the street.

One of the organisers, Liam Gorman, says he was chatting with friends about who they should bet on to win when they came up with the idea.

"I went on the internet and ordered the 32 flags - we did a lucky dip where you put your hand in a bowl, picked out a team and the one you got, you put the flag outside your house," he says.

"There's a wee wager in it as well - the house with the winning team will get £40, the runner-up will get £20 and third placed will get £10."


At first glance, it looks as if an Ireland flag is flying, but it turns out it's an upside-down Ivory Coast flag.

While the area is predominantly republican, Mr Gorman says the England flag was not the one they all wanted to avoid.

"The problem round here wasn't the England flag; it was the France flag after Thierry Henry and his famous handball against Ireland in the qualifier," he says.

Mr Gorman says he wouldn't go as far as to hope England win, because of the media overkill, but it "isn't a controversial one at all".

"Let's face it, you support these Premiership players all year round," he says.

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