Blinded man 'numb' after nightclub blinding verdict

image captionWilliam Henderson had gone on trial after denying the attack

A charge against a man accused of "blinding" a businessman in an attack with a glass in an Aberdeen nightclub has been found not proven.

Simon Robertson, 47, said he was trying to protect his wife when he was struck in the face by William Henderson in November 2008.

Mr Henderson, 32, denied assaulting and permanently disfiguring Mr Robertson.

Mr Robertson said after the verdict: "I am just completely numb".

The jury took one hour and 40 minutes to return a majority not proven verdict.

The trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court had heard a fight started after someone broke wind in the city's Apres club.

Mr Robertson, director of seafood manufacturer Joseph Robertson Co, said he required 70 stitches.

Having lost an eye to glaucoma at the age of one, Mr Robertson said the attack resulted in his "good eye" being lacerated.

Mr Robertson said after the case: "The verdict does not equate to the evidence put forward.

"My life has changed completely, we as a family just have to pick up the pieces."

Witness Guillermo Casado had told Aberdeen Sheriff Court how the incident began.

image captionSimon Robertson said he was blinded as he tried to help wife Roslyn

Mr Casado said: "There was a group of guys. One of of them had broken wind next to us. They were laughing about it.

"I pointed to the guy and said 'that's disgusting'. He seemed very proud of it. I said there was no need for it.

"A guy grabbed my arm and twisted it round at right angles. It was just a kerfuffle. Mr Henderson came over. He helped defuse the situation."

Mr Casado said he did not notice Mr Robertson's wife becoming caught up in the incident.

He told the court: "There was hardly any time between the situation being defused and Mr Robertson appearing. He seemed very upset."

He said he turned back round when he heard a glass smash.

Mr Robertson said that when he had entered Apres nightclub with his wife and two friends they immediately found themselves caught between two men who were "exchanging blows".

Mr Robertson said: "At that point I didn't care who was fighting, I just wanted to get my wife free."

After urging the men to consider his wife, Mr Robertson said: "The next thing I feel is the crushing blow of glass against my face. I didn't see it coming.

"It was like standing in a room and someone turning the lights off."

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