Meet the Big Brother housemates 2010

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A Beyonce lookalike, a squatter who eats discarded supermarket food and a medical student with a yearning to be prime minister.

Just some of the strange facts about this year's Big Brother housemates, who are taking part in Channel 4's last ever series of the reality show.


Age: 25

Occupation: Financial Sales Rep

Expelled from two schools, Josie says she hates bullies and attention seekers.

After leaving home at 14 to live on her aunt's farm, she claims she once bared her bottom to a monk in Thailand and woke up in a graveyard.


Age: 40

Occupation: Ex HM Forces

Double amputee Steve says he chooses to wear shorts to expose his metal legs, because it's "better to be open about who you are."

He lost both legs and an eye 20 years ago when a bomb went off during a patrol in Belfast.

The father of eight children says he hates stuck up, self-opinionated people.


Age: 30

Occupation: Writer and broadcaster

He admits he did not tell anyone that he had applied to go on the show out of fear he would be judged by friends and family.

He says he lies a great deal because it "makes life more interesting".

Eagle-eyed viewers might recognise him from appearances on TV shows American Princess and Ladette to Lady.


Age: 23

Occupation: Hair stylist and professional Beyonce look-a-like

The self-employed hair stylist says she does not like being judged by her pretty face but admits she looks at herself in a mirror countless times throughout the day.

A Beyonce double, she says women are often nasty about her and she only has three close female friends.

She "enjoys" confrontation and does not expect to be liked by the public.


Age: 25

Occupation: Trainee Joiner

Bigots, intelligent bullies and lies make Nathan angry, who calls himself "Yorkshire's answer to Liam Gallagher".

He describes himself as happy-go-lucky and the loudest of his mates and admits he likes playing pranks.

Recalling one of his most outrageous moments, Nathan says he once walked round Leeds city centre with no clothes on using only takeaway menus to hide his modesty.


Age: 38

Occupation: Minister

Having once worked as a postman and pest controller, Dave - who has been married for 17 years - has now settled on working as a Christian minister.

He says he didn't want to go on Big Brother but thinks God might be guiding him to do it.

Dave also believes in UFOs and ghosts.


Age: 22

Occupation: Student

Known to her mum as her "favourite slapper", Caoimhe (pronounced Kee-va) says cooking and cleaning are beneath her.

Fluent in Spanish, she says she hates snobbery but admits to being selfish, bitchy and a bit of a diva.

A self-proclaimed seducer of men, she says: "I just strut my stuff and heads turn."


Age: 21

Occupation: Voluntary worker

Energetic and messy, Govan admits doing his own washing is something he "can't be bothered with" and leaves it up to his grandmother to do.

Incorrect opinions, racism and homophobia make him angry and he says stupid people bore him.

He says he is attracted to both genders but has never been in love.


Age: 24

Occupation: Filmmaker

Currently living in a squat in south London, Shabby is keen to change people's opinions about squatters.

She cannot live anywhere longer than six months and admits to eating discarded food left outside supermarkets.

Public transport, authority figures and strawberries are her pet hates and British actress Keira Knightley make her angry.


Age: 25

Occupation: Professional dancer

A self-confessed clean freak, she is also obsessed by her appearance and admits to staying at home for 10 days when she couldn't get her eyebrows right.

She has danced for Cheryl Cole and worked as a backing singer on The X Factor.

She currently lives with her boyfriend of six years - who she is engaged to, and her adoptive parents.


Age: 24

Occupation: Retired vehicle body builder

At the age of 20 he changed his name to Achilles, but soon changed it back.

He compares the way he looks to footballer David Beckham and admits to using an anti-aging light to fend off wrinkles.

Winning the show is his top priority and he says he is willing to do anything to take the title.


Age: 24

Occupation: Medical student

With only one year left of her medical degree, she has taken a year out to study medical journalism in London.

Describing herself as "beautiful and intelligent", she has set her sights on becoming prime minister but admits to knowing nothing about politics.

She claims to have had three near death experiences, and was mugged at knife point in Tunisia.


Age: 29

Occupation: Retail

Often mistaken for model Jordan, Corin says her dream job would be to work as a PA for a celebrity.

She currently has a girlfriend of two years but was married to a man who died four months after they tied the knot.

Corin invests a lot of time into the way she looks, making sure her tan is always deep brown.


Age: 28

Occupation: Unemployed

The only housemate chosen randomly during the live launch show, he was set the first challenge by Big Brother, of trying to avoid detection as a mole while dressed in a mole suit.

Obsessed with the paranormal, Mario also has a phobia of death and aging.

A massive fan of the Channel 4 show, he owns the diary chair from season 7.

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