Army explode suspected pipe bomb in Galliagh

Image caption, The device was found by a member of the public on Thursday morning

A controlled explosion has been carried out a device left on a traffic island near St Paul's Primary School in Londonderry.

The suspected pipe bomb, found by a member of the public on Moss Road in Galliagh, has been declared a hoax.

The road was cordoned off, and parents were told not to bring their children to school on Thursday.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan said it was a "disgrace" the device had been left so close to a school.

"The disruption caused by this device serves no purpose other than to disrupt the lives of the local population in Moss Park and the greater Galliagh area and shows a total disregard for the local community," he said,

On Wednesday, the Army made safe a pipe bomb found near a children's play area in Strabane.

The device was found at Carlton Drive in the town. Police said it was "reckless in the extreme" to abandon the device near the play area.

"This device caused a lot of disruption, but the consequences of an explosion would have been much worse," a PSNI spokesman said.

"We want to thank the people of the Carlton Drive area, their community leaders for their patience and support today and ask them for any information they have that could bring to justice those who would seek to cause death or serious injury."