Kent lawyer wins battle to get her database DNA deleted

Image caption, Lorraine Elliot said she felt vindicated by the decision

A lawyer who lost her job after false accusations of forgery has won her battle to get her DNA removed from the national database.

Lorraine Elliot, of Tenterden, Kent had her details logged in July 2009 after she was arrested and accused of forging her estranged husband's signature.

She was cleared 24 hours later but lost her job when the details came up during a security check.

Kent Police said it had deleted her DNA and fingerprint records.

'Innocent all along'

In a letter to Ms Elliot Kent Police, who were allowed by law to hold the information, said: "I refer to your request for the deletion of your DNA, fingerprints and PNC [Police National Computer] record from police systems.

"I can now confirm that all of the data relating to your arrest of 21 July 2009 has now been deleted."

The mother-of-three said: "I'm one of the lucky ones. I fought for it and was lucky to come up with enough evidence to prove that I was in fact innocent all along.

"Therefore I'm lucky enough to have been vindicated."

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