Plane blamed for east Belfast roof tile injury


An east Belfast man has said he has been injured by roof tiles dislodged by a passing plane.

Dan Melrose from Parkgate Drive said the plane was flying into or from the City Airport just after 2200 BST on Tuesday.

In a statement, the airport said it had investigated the incident and the plane in question was not flying low.

It said a contractor had carried out temporary repairs on the roof until a full investigation is completed.

"The airport's track monitoring system, which closely plots the height and trajectory of aircraft approaching and departing the airport, has been examined and found that the aircraft in question was not low-flying and was approaching the airfield in a normal and uniform manner.

"The airport is sensitive to the community and environment in which it operates and has repaired the damage to the roof as a goodwill gesture."

It is believed to have been the second time in a week that roof tiles have been dislodged in the area.

Eric McMurdie, who is the landlord of the house, said two houses had been damaged.

"There's two holes, one in number 33 and one in number 35 and there's damage to the back of the roof too," he said.