'Homeless' Omagh sex offender bailed

image captionThe man gave his address as under a bridge in Omagh

The chairman of the assembly's justice committee has questioned how a sex offender was released from custody when he could give no permanent address.

Lord Morrow said was "unacceptable" that the man was allowed to give an address of "under a bridge in Omagh".

The Department of Justice said it unable to confirm the matter and the PSNI said they do not comment on individual cases.

Lord Morrow said it was "astounding" that bail had been granted.

"The individual in question was arrested for assaulting police in May, and sentenced to four months custody at Omagh Magistrates Court on 1 June," he said.

"He was immediately released on bail to appeal the sentence, but less than 24 hours later he was caught using indecent and disorderly behaviour in two separate premises in Omagh town centre."

Lord Morrow said all offenders must provide details of their whereabout to police and he had submitted a written question to the justice minister regarding the incident.

"I fail to see how police and probation services, including MASRAM could possibly be able to appropriately monitor a registered sex offender who had furnished an address as 'Under the bridge, Campsie'," he continued.