England fan turfs lounge of Sutton Coldfield home


A football fan has decided to recreate that pitch-side feeling in time for the World Cup - by laying turf in his living room.

Dan Taylor, from Sutton Coldfield, said he felt flags and bunting were not enough so he bought about 100sq ft (9.2 sq m) of luscious grass.

He spent about two hours laying it on Saturday and has even painted on white markings and added a corner flag.

"It's really lovely and I hope it lasts for the whole tournament," he said.

The 30-year-old legal secretary rents his home, in Keyes Road, from his mother but said she was amused at him laying a football pitch in the house even though she had no idea what he was planning.

"It was on Friday when I was putting up the flags and bunting and I thought: 'Something's missing' and thought of turf," he told BBC News.

"My mate got it - about £60-£70 worth - they say it's about 100sq ft but it fits nicely and I think my mates will chip in the end.

"My mum thinks it's good, she doesn't mind."

Mr Taylor said he cut up bin bags and put them on top of the lino floor with some tarpaulin and then rolled out the turf.

"It looks good and it's good to have the outside, inside.

"I like to watch the first three or so games in the pub for the atmosphere but when it gets a bit nailbiting and serious I like to watch it somewhere a bit more private so it'll probably be back to mine.

"We're walking through the garage to get to the kitchen and no one can wear shoes," he added.

"But I hope to keep it for as long as possible, giving it lots of light and watering it, and hope I'll see England win."

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