Club attack 'blinded' businessman

Image caption, Simon Robertson lost his eyesight after the attack

A leading Scots businessman has said he was left completely blind by a glass attack while trying to protect his wife during a bar brawl.

Simon Robertson, 47, said he was struck in the face with a glass by William Henderson after a fight broke out in an Aberdeen nightclub in November 2008.

The seafood manufacturer told the city's sheriff court he required 70 stitches and was now unable to see.

William Henderson denies assaulting Mr Robertson and his wife Roslyn.

Having lost an eye to glaucoma at the age of one, Mr Robertson said the attack resulted in his "good eye" being lacerated.

The businessman is a director of Scotland's oldest seafood manufacturer, Joseph Robertson.

He said that when he had entered Apres nightclub with his wife and two friends they immediately found themselves caught between two men who were "exchanging blows".

He told prosecutor John Richardson: "Roslyn is only 5ft tall. It was almost as if the men were trying to fight over her, as if she was an obstacle in their way."

Mr Robertson said the fight resulted in his wife being "knocked to the floor, on her knees".

He said: "At that point I didn't care who was fighting, I just wanted to get my wife free."

After urging the men to consider his wife, Mr Robertson said: "The next thing I feel is the crushing blow of glass against my face. I didn't see it coming."

Mr Richardson asked: "What do you remember about being struck?"

Mr Robertson said: "The lights going out. It was like standing in a room and someone turning the lights off."

He said that after two years of surgery and a cornea transplant, he had not regained his eyesight and remained registered as blind.

He added: "I was told the day after it was probable I would never see again."

William Henderson is accused of assaulting Simon Robertson and striking him on the head with a glass to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and permanent impairment.

He is also accused of assaulting Alison Mowatt on the same date at the nightclub.

Mr Henderson, of Powis Terrace, Aberdeen, denies the charges.

The trial continues.

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