Gloucestershire pupils learn waste lesson at tip

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The council wants to encourage children to recycle more

A viewing platform has been built at a landfill site in Gloucestershire to show schoolchildren the disadvantages of burying waste underground.

The lookout at Wingmoor Farm is a county council initiative to help encourage young people to recycle more.

Pupils are told that as well as being unsightly, putting waste in landfills produces methane gas, said to be a contributing factor to climate change.

The visits, which must be booked, are also open to other groups.

Life experience

Councillor Stan Waddington, cabinet member for waste, said: "It is important young people identify where their waste goes if it isn't recycled or composted.

"A landfill site looks disgusting, but I believe such a trip has a positive impact on children and encourages them to minimise their waste in future years."

Paul Lailey, head teacher of Cranham Church of England Primary School in Gloucester, said: "In the classroom, we can talk about it, we can sort the rubbish, we can talk about where it comes from and what happens to it.

"But until they actually see the large scale of it, it doesn't really have the impact. And at school, we are particularly trying to get as many real life experiences as we can for their learning so there's a purpose to what they're doing."

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