Duck makes nest in RHS Wisley hanging basket

Image caption, Staff at the plant centre at RHS Wisley have named the duck Hoisin

A duck has nested in a hanging basket 8ft (2.4m) above the ground at a plant centre in one of the most "unusual" nesting places staff have ever seen.

Hoisin moved into her nest at the Royal Horticultural Society's plant centre in Wisley, Surrey, before workers realised what she was doing.

She laid 10 eggs two weeks ago and could hatch her family within a week.

Staff have prepared a padded landing mat in case the ducklings fall from the basket.

They said they would be on the look-out to help Hoisin lead them to water.

Plant centre manager Nigel Eaton said the ducklings would have a fair distance to waddle.

He said: "She will have to take her ducklings through the centre, down the lawn between the flower borders, and then to the canal or beyond to one of the two lakes. Not an easy trip."

And he added it was certainly the most unusual nesting site for a duck he had ever seen.

After Hoisin set up nest, staff felt they couldn't move her, he said.

The padded landing mat placed under the basket has been made of tables covered in dense foliage.

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