Dundee child protection improved after Brandon death

Image caption, Dundee's child protection services were criticised after Brandon's death

Dundee's child protection services have significantly improved since the death of toddler Brandon Muir in March 2008, a report has found.

An independent review was ordered after the 23-month-old was killed by his mother's boyfriend, who was jailed for 10 years for the attack.

Inspectors severely criticised the city's child protection services after the case.

The latest report said people could now have more confidence in the service.

The review was carried out by Professor Peter Wilson, a former chief constable of Fife Constabulary.

It comes nine months after a report into the death of Brandon.

The professor said it was clear that commitments to address criticisms in that report had been followed through.

He said: "The work has been considerable and the impact on both the organisational processes and the staff can be sensed in the mood of the workforce, and in their self confidence about their role.

"The 'coming together' in sharing a common vision and commitment, has led to the introduction of new practices and approaches which will be the subject of learning for other child protection partnerships."

His report found resources in the police, council and NHS had been increased and that staff were able to deal better with pressures.

It also said the three services were much better integrated now when it came to child protection.

The professor added: "I am satisfied that the people of Dundee can have increased confidence in the child protection services now being provided by Dundee City Council, Tayside Police and NHS Tayside."

Dundee City Council said an extra £500,000 had been set aside for child protection since 23-year-old Robert Cunningham was jailed for Brandon's death.

Leader of the council Ken Guild said: "The recommendations made by Professor Wilson have been followed through by the child protection committee.

"But we need to make sure that we continue to review and improve our services on an ongoing basis and that these are reported to the city council."

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