Obese bull terrier seized in Fleetwood 'now doing well'

image captionGucci was taken after reaching five stone (31.7kg) in weight

A morbidly obese dog which was seized from its owners after they allowed it to balloon in weight is now enjoying a "fantastic life", its warden said.

Gucci the bull terrier was removed from its home in Fleetwood, Lancashire, after dog wardens from Wyre Borough Council obtained a court order.

The dog's five-stone (31.7kg) weight left it struggling to walk.

The council is believed to be one of the first in England to use the Animal Welfare Act to seize an overweight pet.

Gucci is now with a foster family pending a permanent place in a new home.

Officials decided they needed a court order after Gucci was found wandering alone in the town in October 2009.

A vet confirmed it was more than 10kgs (22lb) heavier than its ideal weight and was suffering through a lack of care and exercise, with body and feet sores.

Warden Karan Bowyer said they had previously given the owners advice about slimming and treatment for the dog's sores four times before the legal action was taken.

"She was two stone overweight, in total she was double her [ideal] body weight," said Ms Bowyer.

"It has been the first court order that has been taken out by a local authority.

"So it's not very common, but it does happen and we have to take action when it does."

Appeal dismissed

The dog's skin condition has already dramatically improved and her weight has dropped, wardens say.

"She's fantastic. She's actually nine years old but you'd think she was nine months," Ms Bowyer added.

"She's leaping about, she's enjoying a fantastic life that she should have had - and obviously she will now improve as the time goes on."

The court order for the dog's removal was granted in March and an appeal by the owners was dismissed at Preston Crown Court last week.

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