New council boss in Suffolk set to earn more than PM


A new communications manager at Suffolk County Council is set to earn more than the prime minister.

The holder of the temporary post has been offered a contract with a pay scale of up to £700 a day.

The post holder is expected to implement budget savings that would make the appointment "cost neutral".

Deputy leader Jane Storey said the council was "streets ahead of other councils as the second most cost efficient council in England".

She said savings were already being made but justified the appointment of a new head of communications to speed up the programme.

"You have to remember the post doesn't offer sick pay, if they don't turn up for work they don't get paid," she said.

"There's no pension and no other benefits.

"Not like the prime minister, they don't get a chauffeur, personal staff or a house provided.

"It's a temporary post for a maximum of six months and the person is tasked with making a whole raft of savings."

The prime minister earns £142,500 in addition to an MP's salary of £65,000, but is on duty 365 days a year making his daily rate £568.50.

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