Two die in parachuting accident in Nottinghamshire


Two people have died in a parachuting accident, Nottinghamshire Police said.

Brian Laithwaite, 65, from Wigan, and mother-of-two Emma Bramley, 31, from Top Valley in Nottingham, died at Langar Airfield on Friday at 1530 BST.

The canopies of the two parachutists became entangled at 3,000ft (914.4m) and they died on impact, Dave Hickling, of the British Parachute School, said.

Both the victims were described by Nottinghamshire Police as experienced parachutists.

A police spokeswoman said the deaths were not believed to be suspicious.

250th jump

Miss Bramley was celebrating her 250th jump on the day she died.

Mr Laithwaite had 40 years of skydiving experience and had been a parachuting instructor.

Image caption,
Mr Laithwaite had 40 years of skydiving experience

Mr Hickling said the two had got entangled and had been unable to free themselves.

He said: "Emma was hanging underneath Brian, supported by her own parachute that was entangled with part of Brian's equipment.

"Then they both accelerated towards the ground and I lost sight of them."

Miss Bramley had two children aged eight and six, and had been planning to get married to her fiance.

She was described by her friend Sian Stokes as "happy and bubbly ... and a great person".

Another experienced skydiver died from head injuries at the skydiving centre in Langar in Sept 2008.

Police said they were working with the British Parachutist Association to prepare a file for Nottinghamshire's coroner.

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