Yemen 'al-Qaeda man' surrenders


A senior member of al-Qaeda in Yemen has turned himself in to the authorities, the government says.

Hamza Saleh al-Dayan handed himself in to the regional government in the province of Maarib, the country's Supreme Security Committee said.

Mr Dayan was among 23 al-Qaeda operatives who escaped from a Yemeni jail in 2006.

He is thought to have masterminded an attack in July 2007 which killed two Spanish tourists and two Yemenis.

He is also believed to have been involved in a 2008 mortar attack on the US embassy in the capital in which a soldier and a young girl were killed.

Last week another al-Qaeda operative, Ghalib al-Zayedi, also surrendered to the local governor of the region, which is north-east of the capital.

He surrendered after lengthy negotiations with Maarib Governor Naji bin Ali al-Zayedi, who is also his cousin.


Meanwhile in Daleh province south of the capital, four people were killed and at least 11 wounded in shelling by the Yemeni army.

The government is fighting a renewed secessionist movement in the south, which until 1990 was a separate country.

The army said the shelling followed clashes between police and supporters of the movement.

Secessionist leaders told the news agency Agence France-Presse that the shelling was "indiscriminate".

The artillery fired on the centre of the town of Daleh, which had been closed by a general strike called by the secessionists.

Around 14 homes were hit, it was reported.

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