Police have petrol bomber photos


A woman whose home was attacked by petrol bombers on Friday night has said photographs of potential suspects have been given to the police.

Two petrol bombs were thrown at two homes in West End Park.

Mary Scally said homes in the area were often targeted from the site of the former United Technologies factory.

She said her neighbours had seen a group of young people gathered on the site on Saturday. They took photos which were then passed to police.

"One of my neighbours took close up photographs and found there were a group of young people up there making petrol bombs," said Ms Scally.

"Some of the neighbours went up they found drums of kerosene, obviously we were going to be attacked again on Saturday.

"The escalation of criminal activity to a life-threatening stage is really frightening."

Ms Scally said she saw the petrol bomb attack first-hand as she was trying to put out her cat at the time.

"I looked up and I saw a young boy standing at the fence and then two petrol bombs coming flying towards me into my backyard.

"They landed a few feet from me.

"It's a very frightening indescribable experience," she said.