Agency defends rainfall warnings in Nottinghamshire


Officials at the Environment Agency have said they gave as much warning as possible of heavy rainfall which caused flash flooding at the weekend.

The agency warned of problems at the River Leen and in the Basford area of Nottingham but said it was difficult to predict exactly where rain would fall.

As torrential rain fell homes in Old Basford and Bestwood were flooded.

Councillor Mick Newton, who represents Basford ward, said warnings were "far too late".

On Monday a Flood Watch was still in place for the River Leen, including Day Brook in Nottinghamshire.

'Complete mess'

Mr Newton said: "I've been heading up a flood group on Nottingham City Council and there has been an action plan put together which compiles measures that need to be put into place.

"It's quite clear these measures have not been acted upon.

"The warning was far too late, the Environment Agency knew of the situation and people have been left in a complete mess."

Mr Thomson said: "It was very difficult for us to predict exactly where it was going to fall and issue the warnings.

"That said, however, we did manage in these difficult circumstances to get the warnings out within slightly more than half an hour, I think it was an hour or an hour and 20 minutes advanced warning of the actual flooding to properties taking place."

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