Woman vows to clear dead partner's name

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The mural was damaged on Friday night

The partner of a man killed by the Real IRA in February has said she will fight to clear his name.

Pictures of Kieran Doherty placed on the back of Free Derry wall by his family were damaged in weekend fire attacks.

Saturday was the day Mr Doherty and Mairead Miller had planned to marry on.

"They are a criminal gang when they do criminal activity like this. This is the wall you are meant to be able to speak freely from," she said.

"I know he was no drug dealer, and they know he was no drug dealer."

The Real IRA said it murdered Mr Doherty who was found shot dead, stripped and bound near the Irish border in Derry on 24 February.


Foyle MP Mark Durkan "strongly condemned" the arson attack.

"This was a pointed time for Kieran Doherty's partner. It is not only hurtful to her but also to his wider family," he said.

"This attack highlights the standards of those responsible for it.

"It is important we continue to demonstrate unity in rejecting the Real IRA and those who would seek to use violence in the name of any cause."

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