In quotes: Bafta TV awards 2010

By Tim Masters
Entertainment correspondent, BBC News


The best quotes from the red carpet and behind the scenes at the Bafta TV awards 2010.

Ant and Dec

Anthony McPartlin on winning their first Bafta: "We came tonight a bit hungover to be honest. We had the final of Britain's Got Talent last night - went to bed about 4-ish. Woke up, had a bacon sandwich, put a different black suit on, got in the car and said 'at least we won't win' and then suddently they announced our name."

Declan Donnelly: "We're so used to coming to Bafta and having a nice night out and having a couple of drinks and then going home and putting the bins out."

Julie Walters

On being a big fan of soap opera: "I'm addicted, I had to give it up for Lent."

Armstrong and Miller

Ben Miller on what to expect from their next series: "We've got new characters called The Vampires. You know how there's all these young, trendy, gothy vampies who can go out and glitter in the sunshine? We'll we're really old school out-of-touch vampires who are really bitter about the whole thing. We have to go to bed when the sun comes up."

Ben Miller on his acceptance speech for best comedy programme: "Like a rabbit in the headlights, I forgot to mention Jeremy Dyson - who used to be one of the League of Gentlemen - and is now our main script editor on the show. As soon as we came off stage I was texting Jeremy: 'Sorry... sorry...'"

William Roache

The veteran Coronation Street actor, who plays Ken Barlow, on the cancellation of several episodes last week due to the Cumbria shootings: "It was a very sensitive and appropriate thing to do and when you see the episodes you'll understand why."

Benedict Cumberbatch

The best supporting actor nominee on his upcoming role as Sherlock Holmes on the BBC: "It's set in 2010 - no deerstalker or pipe in sight. He has modern habits. We've been pretty loyal to the books - there's an awful lot of deduction."

Barbara Windsor

The Albert Square legend on how she'll feel watching EastEnders once she's left the show: "I sincerely hope I'm sitting there and saying 'why aren't I in that?' I want to sit there and cheer it on."

James Nesbitt

The star of the Iraq drama Occupation: "I had a letter I got from a serviceman in Afghanistan who'd watched it on DVD and he felt that [screenwriter] Pete [Bowker] had written their story in their words and that we said them in the right way. As great as a Bafta is, I think that was actually more rewarding."

Armando Iannucci

On the absence of the Lib Dems from The Thick of It: "At no point in any of the episodes does anyone mention the third party - so there's a bit of emergency casting to take place."

Peter Capaldi

The Thick of It star on why he appeared at the Baftas with a beard: "I'm playing one of the Wise Men in a version of the Nativity. We did it Morocco so I didn't want one stuck on in the heat, with all the flies. We've finished it, but I thought I'd keep the beard."

John Hurt

On Quentin Crisp: "He's a major historical figure. I think he's an extraordinary epitome of an outsider."

Jane Lynch

On Glee's popularity: "I think people love to root for the underdog and they especially like it when they break out in song."

On her character: "That anger is not far from the surface of Jane Lynch. I didn't have to scratch very deeply."

Charlie Brooker

On Newswipe's entertainment programme nomination: "This is clearly an administrative error. I feel like I've been badly Photoshopped into the whole thing. I consider Newswipe not to be in any way entertaining. I don't think we'll win. I think it would be a sign of the apocalypse coming if we win."

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