Three people arrested during Epsom Derby horse race

Image caption, More than 100,000 race-goers attend the Epsom Derby each year

Police have hailed this year's Epsom Derby as a major success, after just three people were arrested.

Surrey Police said the number of arrests was "very small number given the large crowd who were enjoying the hot weather".

The Epsom Derby, which is attended by the Queen, is the largest annual gathering of people in Surrey.

One man was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, another for assault and the third for affray.

The event was attended by more than 100,000 race-goers.

'Increased presence'

Supt Duncan Greenhalgh said: "We have had another successful Derby which has passed without any major incident and the crowds have enjoyed a safe day out in the sunshine.

"In recent years the racecourse has taken over responsibility for security, including paying policing costs, which means we can provide specialised support for the event at no cost to taxpayers.

"I must commend the race organisers for their continued commitment to safety, the professionalism of their staff throughout the day and the thorough planning that goes into this event."

The force said it also increased its presence in the area after the racing to make sure everyone got home safely.

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