Bristol non-recyclers could get 'waste doctors'

Image caption, Wheelie bin sizes could be reduced if the vote is passed

Some 20,000 Bristol homes could be visited by "waste doctors" to advise on how to separate recycling waste.

The "Recycling for All" pilot scheme would begin by sending a "handy hints" sheet to residents who are not recycling properly.

Failing that, homeowners would receive visits from "waste doctors," followed by council enforcement action if that does not work.

Bristol City Council's cabinet will meet to vote on the scheme on 10 June.

Smaller bins

The council's waste management chief, Liberal Democrat councillor Gary Hopkins, said he wanted to "ensure residents are making the most out of our kerbside recycling facilities, and doing everything they can to minimise their waste".

Enforcement action ranges from £75 fixed penalty fines to prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

Also being voted on is a plan to gradually reduce wheelie bin sizes for homes with fewer than six occupants.

If the scheme is passed and deemed a success, there are plans to roll it out across the city.

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