US porn actor in cliff-fall death

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A porn-film actor who was wanted for murder has died after falling from a rocky hillside in Los Angeles, following a day-long stand-off with the police.

Officers had tried to talk Stephen Hill into surrendering after he fled to the edge of the hill, clutching a sword and threatening to kill himself.

Police said he fell 40ft (13m) after being hit by a non-lethal munition.

Hill, 34, was suspected of killing a colleague with a samurai sword.

About a week ago, he had been told he was being fired from a DVD production house which specialises in pornography.

On Tuesday, several people were attacked at the firm and one died.

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Hill had been sacked from the porn company he worked for

Hill, whose screen name was Steve Driver, was accused of attacking colleagues with a samurai sword that the production house used as a prop.

He fled the scene and evaded capture for days, but was surrounded by police marksmen on a rocky hillside on the outskirts of Los Angeles on Saturday.

Perched on the edge of a cliff for some eight hours, he was apparently threatening to kill himself with a sword.

Officers eventually tried to subdue Mr Hill with what the police say was a "less than lethal munition", but he fell and later died.