Police want offenders' passports ahead of World Cup


Leicestershire Police have said they will collect passports from 55 known football hooligans to prevent them from travelling to the World Cup.

It is part of an operation to reduce the risk of trouble at the competition which starts in South Africa on Friday.

The 55 have been given football banning orders preventing them from attending matches in the UK or abroad.

Officers have already sent letters requesting they surrender their passports until the end of the event.

Supt Ian Coulton said: "The worldwide policing community is doing everything it can to ensure the safest possible event in South Africa.

"Part of that international collaboration between police forces means dealing with people in the UK, and locally in Leicestershire, who are a threat to the event.

"The public have a right be safe when travelling and enjoying sport, restricting the movements of these people can only add to safer World Cup competition."

Police said they would visit the 55 to ensure passports were handed over.

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