New Forest goshawk chicks' nest gets repairs

image captionThe goshawks are being filmed in their nest until August

A nest where a family of goshawk chicks are being filmed for a live website stream has received emergency repairs.

A Forestry Commission keeper went to ring the two chicks, which are three weeks old, when he noticed the state of the nest in Hampshire's New Forest.

The keeper, Andy Page, said "the centre had pretty much fallen right through" and the chicks would soon have fallen out the bottom.

The goshawks are being filmed in their nest until 31 August 2010.

'Huge appetites'

In order to make the nest secure, a team collected large sticks which were sent up to the nest using ropes.

The sticks were then inserted underneath to support the bulk of the nest fabric.

While ringing the chicks Mr Page discovered they were both females.

The sex of the chicks is identified by weight and measuring the leg bone, as at this age the females are significantly heavier and also have longer legs.

Project officer, Therasa Paul, said the birds had "huge appetites and we saw one swallowing an entire bird's leg this week".

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