World Cup: African Football Shorts


Ahead of the first World Cup to be held in Africa, people from across the continent tell the stories of how football impacts on their lives in a new series of African Football Shorts.

TENDEKAI MUFUNDE: Finding space for a game

Tendekai Mufunde is a young man from Budiriro 3 township in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Like his friends, he is passionate about football and organises games at his local field when he can.

But suitable recreation space is at a premium and there is an ongoing tussle to find enough room for a game.

Video produced by TVE and Media for Development Trust.

GABRIEL AGU: The sports shop owner

Gabriel Agu is a professional football player in Lagos, Nigeria.

He also owns a sports shop which he has stocked up with more goods ahead of the World Cup.

Video produced by TVE and Communicating for Change.

ESSIE MBEYU: The schoolgirl player

Essie Mbeyu is a 17-year-old schoolgirl who plays with the Moving the Goalposts team in Kilifi, Kenya.

The team will be travelling to South Africa to play in a World Cup event, Football for Hope.

Essie has been playing football for the last four years and believes she "can do anything boys can do".

Video produced by TVE and On Screen Productions.

DOMINIC PASCOE: Young fan yearning for a ticket

Dominic Pascoe is a soccer fanatic from Cape Town, his walk to school takes him past the Green Point stadium.

The 10-year-old wishes he could go to just one World Cup match in the stadium but knows he will not be able to.

Video produced by TVE and Themartist.

ABDUL MOHAMED: The video hall owner

Abdul Mohamed is a Chelsea fan who lives in Kibera, a sprawling slum in Nairobi.

He has been running a video hall to allow people to watch football matches since 2009.

But he often has to deal with frustrated football fans when Kibera's erratic electricity supply lets him down.

Video produced by TVE and On Screen Productions.

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